Shiatsu Kneading Legs&Calf Massager GM-8787R
  • Shiatsu Kneading Legs&Calf Massager GM-8787R

    The Shiatsu Kneading Legs&Calf massager Would prevent further pains and improve your blood circulation in the traditional Chinese kneading massage.


    Product Details:

    • Multifunction Massager for feet,ankles&calves
    • 4 Pairs of kneading discs give a firm calf and foot massager
    • Energizing your calves, ankles, and feet
    • Strong kneading vital acupressure points to soothe away strains and stiffness
    • Providing instant pain relief
    • Integrated board sends relaxing vibrations to arches and the heels of your feet
    • Improving blood circulation
    • Relief tension of your lower legs
    • Reflexology stimulating essential reflex points feet sole
    • Synergetic combination of kneading and vibratory actions gives most relaxing and revitalizing massage
    • Pressure nodes located under your feet stimulate reflex points feet soles
    • Auto shut-off for 15 minutes
    • Pair of detachable fabric covers