Pulse Massager GM-2117
  • Pulse Massager GM-2117

    SKU: GM-2117


    dual output pulse massager 
    electronic pulse massager 
    digital therapy machine 
    Slimming & fitness function

    1. 4 proper therapeutic modes-press, vibrate, thump and rub
    2.Different automatic Massager process is set according to the specific characteristics of shoulder waist, band 
    & foot, and joint which makes your therapy pertinence
    3.Two-way output, each by 2pcs massage pads, can work synchronously or work singly, the intensity can be 
    changed in 15 levels
    4.Slimming & fitness function
    5.Timing: 15mins automatically, also can choose by manually from 0 to 30 minutes with step switch
    6.It is obviously effective to alleviating the symptoms of cervical arthritis, and lumbar muscle strain. 
    7.It can ease peripheral nerve palsy and myalgia, also can promote blood circulation



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