Germaine Air pressure Heating foot Massager GM-6700
  • Germaine Air pressure Heating foot Massager GM-6700

    Germaine's air pressure heating foot massager has a dual action simultaneously on the legs, it improves your blood circulation and relief pain with a smart heating system that creates a pointing therapy heating on your legs.


    Product Details:

    • Air pressure massager
    • Calf and foot massager with heating
    • 5 levels air pressure strength
    • 3 kneading and rolling programs
    • 2 vibration settings
    • 360 degrees adjustable support for comfortable position
    • Kneading air pressure
    • Relieves tightness on tops of feet and ankles
    • Easy operation- high and low intensity
    • Two levels Roller speed
    • Two removable, spot wash able& foot covers
    • Elegant with low-profile design

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