G- Shark handheld rotational massager
  • G- Shark handheld rotational massager

    SKU: GM-112

     The G- shark handeld rotational massager will serve you while you watching TV after a long day and you just want to relax while slim your body with the G-Shark technology  and relieves stress stimulaneously. Furthemore you can hust use it to reduce pain in any specific point on your body.

    • mesh cover protect your skin while you enjoy a safe and comfortable massage experience
    • soothes Aching Muscles
    • sot rubber handgrip
    • Reduce fat and slim the body
    • Release stress and relieve pains
    • Relax and soothe stiff muscles 
    • Portable and lightweight hand-held deviceInterchangeable massage caps
    • Provide a safety mesh cover to avoid hair entanglement
    • Roller cap may be used with body cream or lotion
    • Comfortable soft rubber hand grip
    • Easy to operate with an tumbler switchRed LED decoration
    • worldwide shipping



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