Deluxe full body shiatsu & vibration massage mattress
  • Deluxe full body shiatsu & vibration massage mattress

    SKU: GM-3101

    The deluxe full body shiatsu m& vibration massage matters provides you the relife you need after you had a stressfull day and you want The thing that makes you feel the relife and the nice feeling that deluxe full body shiatsu & vibration massage matters provieds.

    • Shiatsu massage & infared heating therapy
    • Hand remote contoller with pouch
    • 10 powerful motors massage relife stress on neck, back, lumbar, and legs.
    • Stimulate body circulation and speed up muscle tension relife.
    • Full body back moving shiatsu massage mechanism
    • Jade stone heating pad pain relife
    • 6 massage modes for ultimate comfort
    • 4 vibration intensities
    • Auto timer - 15 minutes
    • Storage pouch
    • Flap fanction for deep massage
    • Foldable for easy storage
    • Ergonomic design
    • Easy-to-use with hand controller

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